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Switchboards are the heart of your home’s electrical system. They provide power to all your appliances, lighting and more. But if they’re not installed correctly, it can be dangerous for you and your family. That’s why we offer professional switchboard upgrades and installations that will keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

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Amazing service! Love the quality of work and also the attention to detail. 10/10 would recommend to others!

By George Toma.

We used Moonlight to install our security system and upgrade our whole panel. They were quick and professional.

By Sandy Elias.

We needed several celling fans installed. Alanis was prompt and had the job completed quickly, very happy with the service!

By Craig Neil.

What types of switchboards require upgrading?

Older style switchboards, especially the type with ceramic fuses aren’t particularly safe or conducive to modern-day electrical demands and as such need replacing. Ceramic fuses could be putting you and your family at risk or be an emergency waiting to happen.

Switchboards are an essential part of your home’s electrical system. Fuse box switchboards and ceramic fuses do not comply with today’s standards. Apart from non-compliance issues, they can pose a fire risk and a hazard for electrical shock.

Moonlight Electrical has licensed electricians who will inspect your current switchboard installation to determine if it is compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760 (2009) and can upgrade your switchboard from any style fuse or circuit breaker to the latest style combination safety switch circuit breaker.

Call Moonlight Electrical today for a fast quote, or just ask us about it when you call to book in your next electrical service. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about your home.

You may need a switchboard upgrade if you experience the following:

  • Current switchboard is not compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760 (2009)
  • Switchboard has ceramic fuses which could be putting you and your family at risk or an emergency waiting to happen
  • Your appliances appear to struggle to get the power they need to run properly

  • Lights flicker, going dim or bright throughout the night on their own

Who is licensed to install a switchboard?

When upgrading your switchboard, you might wish to consider adding three-phase power at the same time to increase your house’s electricity supply. Only a Level 2 Electrician can complete a three-phase power upgrade from the street.

A switchboard upgrade might be required as you add features to your home, upgrade your appliances, add a pool or air-conditioning, or the wiring becomes outdated or hazardous. The smartest thing to do is to hire a reputable electrician like Moonlight Electrical for a safety check on your current switchboard and an estimate for an upgrade.

We’re here to help you with everything from a broken light to a complex electrical problem.

Our electricians are friendly and professional, so you can rest easy knowing that they’ll always treat your home with respect while working hard to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Switchboard Upgrade