Surge Protector Installation

A faulty surge protector can damage your expensive appliances, don’t risk it. Have a reliable surge protector installed by the experts at Moonlight Electrical today.

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Power surges can cause long-lasting damage

That’s why it’s important to have a surge protector installed at your home. It will help protect all of your electrical appliances from power spikes and sudden surges in current, which is what causes most damage to electronics. You don’t want anything happening to your expensive gadgets! Contact Moonlight Electrical today.

Surge Protector Installation
Lifetime Labour Guarantee

Lifetime Labour Guarantee

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What causes a power surge?

If your power goes out at home, it can be the result of a variety of factors. For instance, it might be due to a power surge originating from outside your property during utility line switching and overvoltage, or due to turning on and off huge appliances inside the house. Despite the fact that enormous voltage surges caused by lightning and downed electrical lines are rare, tiny voltage fluctuations occur every day as part of normal usage of the electrical system. These frequent little voltage increases can damage electronic systems and reduce their longevity.

Common causes of power surges include:

  • Lighting strikes during a storm

  • A circuit breaker that has tripped

  • Power outages

  • Short circuting

  • Inductive spikes

  • Faulty wiring

Get a power surge protector installed today and enjoy peace of mind

Electrical systems frequently trip or catch fire as a result of sudden voltage changes. It puts your family at serious risk. With the aid of a power surge protector, you can lower the danger of fire breakouts in your house.

If you have an electrical system and need professional maintenance services on a regular basis, surge protectors are an excellent alternative. It helps protects appliances from harm throughout their lifespan, so it helps you save money on maintenance.

Surge protectors are affordable, and they can be put in place on the same day. Furthermore, when you engage an experienced electrician, the procedure is simple and does not take long.

We’re here to help you with everything from a broken light to a complex electrical problem.

Our electricians are friendly and professional, so you can rest easy knowing that they’ll always treat your home with respect while working hard to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

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