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Moonlight Electrical can handle all of your smoke alarm needs in Sydney, including installation, repairs, monitoring, and maintenance. Installing smoke alarms in your home provides piece of mind that everyone will be alerted promptly if a fire breaks out, allowing you to flee the structure safely. Don’t risk your lives – have your smoke alarms installed professionally today.

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What type of smoke alarms are used in Australia?

With a smoke detector, you can rest easy knowing that your family and home are safe. Smoke detectors will alert you to the presence of smoke in your house so that you can take action before it’s too late. Within Australia, there are two main types of smoke detectors used:

Ionization smoke alarms detect a fire thanks to a radioactive material that ionizes the air and alters the alarm when it is disrupted. Without this type of alarm, open flaming fires might not be detected early enough before they get big.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are considered the most accurate of the common types. They work by sensing smoldering fires that have a thick smoke. When the light from the sensor is obstructed, this triggers an alarm which will notify everyone quickly and easily how to use a fire extinguisher. The Australian Government currently recommends the installation of photoelectric smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms should be installed:

  • Away from areas of wind, breeze (i.e. near open windows or air-con vents)

  • On every floor of your home or business

  • Outside of any sleeping areas

  • Where the siren can be heard from whoever is in the home or building

Why should I have a licensed electrician install a smoke alarm?

A properly installed smoke alarm not only saves lives, it meets the Australian standards. To ensure compliance with the appropriate standards, it’s best that a licensed electrician installs your alarm. Our Moonlight Electrical professionals are qualified at installing them according to best practices; they know about normal home wiring and circuitry; and they’ll make sure the alarms work properly with your other appliances like heating systems. Electrical work can be dangerous, leave it to the friendly team at Moonlight Electrical, give us a call today!

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