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Struggling to decide whether overhead or underground power is better?

Our friendly and reliable Level 2 electricians are here to help. Whilst overhead service cables were common years ago, undergone cabling is now becoming the ‘norm’ and has a range of benefits over its predecessor. The decision on what might work best for you isn’t also clearcut though so please give us a call today to discuss your specific requirements and we will be able to provide some expert recommendations.

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What are underground consumer mains?

A line can be made up from either overhead or underground power. The electricity is taken to the consumer’s premises by means of an electric cable (either overhead or underground) which has either copper or aluminium conductors. There are several benefits to having the power supplied via an underground system, some of which are listed below:

1. Less visual pollution

Power cables can be unsightly when they are placed overhead, with the large pylons and lines that have to be constructed in order to transport power from one area to another. An underground distribution system does not require any of this construction work, which is why utilising it has now become the preferred method, particularly in more built-up areas.

2. Greater security

If power cables are placed underground, they are less accessible to potential thieves. This also makes them much safer for workers who may need to gain access to them for repairs or other reasons. Underground systems are therefore generally considered much safer for this reason.

3. Less environmental impact

As there are no power lines in the air, an underground system is safer for birds and other wildlife. It also requires less space to be constructed, which means there is much less disruption to any surrounding area when it is brought online.

4. Easier to maintain

Cables that are placed underground tend to last longer than their overhead counterparts, which means that the costs associated with repairing or replacing them is reduced.

5. Creates more efficient power transmission

By placing cables underground, a high-density network of power lines can be created without disrupting anything above ground. This far greater level of efficiency makes it much easier for power companies to transport electricity without their network becoming overloaded.

What are overhead consumer mains?

Overhead consumer aren’t without their own list of benefits, some of which include:

1. Easier to provide access to consumers

As cables placed overhead are not surrounded by anything solid, they are much less difficult to gain access to if any repairs need to be carried out. This is especially important when it comes to fault finding and other emergencies which require the power supply to be turned off temporarily.

2. Cheaper transportation system

Although cables that are placed underground are less exposed to the elements, they are not completely protected. This can lead to them being exposed to water and other corrosive substances which over time can cause significant damage. Overhead lines, as their name suggests, do not suffer from this problem as they are always kept dry.

3. Greater efficiency

With overhead lines, it is possible to construct a high-density network without the need for any complicated engineering. This means that it is much easier to transport power from one area of the country to another with such a system in place.

4. Longer lasting

Overhead cables last much longer than their underground counterparts and there are fewer power outages as a result of their cables becoming faulty. It also means that companies with overhead lines generally avoid the significant costs associated with repairing or replacing underground power cable networks.

5. Easier to maintain

Because overhead cables are protected from anything which might damage them, it is much easier for workers to gain access and carry out any repairs that may be necessary. This also makes it much easier to repair cables which have suffered power surges or other issues that could damage underground systems.

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