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Consumer Mains play an important role in the supply of electricity to your home or business, trust Moonlight Electrical with our Lifetime Labour Guarantee on all works performed.

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Consumer mains are an essential component of any electrical installation. They provide access to the power source for the property or switchboard and must be replaced when they’re defective or faulty. If you’re looking for a reliable company that can help with this process, our Level 2 Electricians are here to help! So if you want someone who knows what they’re doing, trust us – we’ve got your back!

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Who is authorised to install consumer mains?

In Australia a ‘standard’ licensed electrician is not authorised to replace an existing consumer main.

According to the Australian Electrical Code, Section 439-4:

“439-3 Installation of supplies from consumer mains 439-3A Consumer mains must be installed by an authorised person who is registered as a level 2 electrician or an authorised person who is registered as a level 3 electrician under clause 2.

(2) A person (other than the owner of the premises, or a person employed by the owner of the premises to carry out electrical work in connection with those premises), must not connect consumer mains to the supply network unless the person- (a) holds a level 2 electrician’s registration; or (b) is an authorised person.”

The installation of consumer mains by a licensed electrician ensures compliance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3000:2007 which is a legal requirement according to NSW Fair Trading Division 4 of the Home Building Act 1989

What is the process for installing consumer mains?

There are two main ways to get electricity into a house, via the roof or from underground.

During an electrical installation, a Level 2 licensed electrician must install the main cables for the building. The cabling installer is required to follow a building plan and a diagram showing how the consumer mains are to be installed.

Existing consumer mains can range from 6mm-16mm on most domestic applications. In commercial or multi dwellings (unit block, apartments etc) they can typically range from 16mm and upwards. The most common existing cables are PVC and in some cases they can be in need of replacement for a variety of reasons including low insulation resistance (external leakage) or high level fault with the local distributor such as Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy.

Consumer mains cabling system must follow the building plan and indicate the size of cabling required for the new house.

What is PVC cable?

PVC cable is a type of plastic insulation installed in homes to provide them with electrical wiring. The cables are typically used for low voltage applications, including standard household installations.

It is common practice in the electrical industry to use 10mm² PVC cable for single phase installations, while 6mm² PVC cable is used in case of lighting circuits. Larger sizes are not commonly employed due to the high cost associated with them.

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Our Level 2 Electricians are fully certified to work on both Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy networks within New South Wales.

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